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circumCompiègne et son agglomération


PIVERT : Compiègne, area of innovation

PIVERT : Compiègne terre d’innovationPicardie Innovations Végétales, Enseignements Recherches Technologiques, (Picardy Plant Innovations, Teaching Technological Research), P.I.V.E.R.T is an alternative to petroleum chemistry and, on one hand,  provides the chemical industry an opportunity to diversify and on the other hand,  new markets for the agriculture industry. Along with Sofiprotéol, the IAR cluster (Industry and Agri-resources) and the University of Technology of Compiègne, the ARC is a partner in this European centre of excellence.
A technological centre will be set up in the ‘Parc Technologique des Rives de l’Oise’ by the urban district between 2012 and 2013. This centre will focus on studying and validating the industrial, economic and ecological applications of the research carried out in the laboratories. It will also be open to SMEs to enable them to test new techniques and promote their material.
In the next 10 years, P.I.V.E.R.T. will provide the regional chemical industry with a very significant opportunity of diversification and will also give local businesses and farmers (boilermakers, equipment ...) new outlets for their products.
With its 4.000 UTC engineering students, its 300 students preparing a doctoral thesis, its 500 ESCOM engineering school students and its many farmers seeking new outlets for their crops, the ARC provides a coherent eco-system conducive to the implementation of this research centre.

The Paris-Oise Inland Harbor

Paris-Oise, Port intérieurWork on this multimodal pole began in the summer of 2012. It is situated in Longueil-Sainte-Marie and stretches over 24 hectares, in the south of Compiegne. Located on the river Oise, close to the Paris-Brussels A1 motorway, the Paris-Oise Inland Harbor will initially be accessible from the port of Le Havre. After the completion of the Seine-Northern Europe Canal, scheduled in 2017, it will also be accessible from the major ports of the North Sea.
It will be possible to make further extensions, which will also integrate a railway junction.
The Paris-Oise Inland Harbor will have three terminals : for containers, for bulk and for aggregates. It will enable a further development of logistics activities around Compiègne and strengthen the local industrial fabric by opening up new competitively-priced opportunities.

Le pôle de développement des Hauts de Margny

Le pôle de développement des Hauts de Margny
This cluster of activities is currently being developed by the ARC on the former site of the 6th Military Combat Helicopter Regiment. It will cover 40 hectares and should eventually provide 800 jobs around trade-related activities, services, small industries and event organization.

Le pôle événementiel des Hauts de Margny

Le pôle événementiel des Hauts de MargnyThe Events Centre is being developed by the cluster of the ‘Hauts de Margny’ and it is scheduled to open in late 2013.
Its area of ​​2.000 m², unique in the region, will be able to accommodate 4.500 people standing or 1.500 seated, therefore it will be ideal for large gatherings, fairs and exhibitions, shows and concerts. The stage will open up either indoors into the building or outdoors onto the former tarmac. Two wings built on either side of the hall will house dressing rooms, administration offices, cafés, restrooms...

La ZAC des Deux rives

La ZAC des Deux rivesLa ZAC des Deux rives’ is certainly the most ambitious project in the heart of the town. The historical heart of Compiègne will be even more attractive and dynamic through the improvements made to the public roads network and the creation of accommodation and offices surrounding the city centre.
This new neighbourhood will stretch over both sides of the river Oise. An enriching historical route will be created, linking the Oise to the forest, going through the park Songeons and the Vivenel museum, through the newly-renovated Rue Saint-Corneille and the Imperial Palace.
Public areas with more green spaces, pathways for pedestrians and cycle paths for cyclists will be developed. On the Compiegne side, at the lower entrance of the Songeons Park, the House of Archaeology, housing the CRAVO and Conservare, will be located.

L’Ecole d’Etat-Major: A new neighborhood in the town centre

L’Ecole d’Etat-MajorThe army left L’Ecole d’Etat-Major during the summer of 2012, providing the ARC with a surface of nearly 5 hectares to be developed, right in the town centre. Upscale housing has already been scheduled. This will bring life to this new area destined to house a convention centre, tertiary activities and an upscale hotel.

The Housing Estate of the Royallieu Camp Area

La Zone d’habitations du Camp de RoyallieuPrivate dwellings and small buildings for rent or homeownership are being built side by side in this new housing area nearing completion. The same demanding environmental and architectural specifications imposed on all buildings ensure consistency to the whole area. 600 homes have thus been created. This new area has been particularly well laid-out, offering its residents large green spaces, bike paths and many convenient local services.

Urban renovation of the ‘Clos des Roses’

La rénovation urbaine du Clos des Roses ‘Le Clos des Roses’ area is changing dramatically. The existing buildings are being renovated simultaneously. The renovations are already highly visible and this is bringing security and peace of mind to its residents.
In total, 240 bar-housing flats in this neighborhood are being demolished and progressively being replaced by 119 new single–family houses and 289 flats that have been renovated and refurbished.

Residential area of the 25th RGA

This former military site is still being depolluted. In the coming years, the ARC is going to develop a new residential area here, comprising predominantly of private houses. The 40-hectare site will soon be serviced, in order to enable the quick construction of 600 individual dwellings and small buildings.