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circumCompiègne et son agglomération



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"The University of Technology the first post-baccalauréat Engineering School"

The first post-baccalauréat engineering school, the first internationally-oriented school, two clusters having a global vocation, nearly 18,000 graduates, the average duration of job search : 1 month, the UTC declared winner for future investments …., as many figures, rankings and labels which make the UTC a school recognized for its integration in the economic world. Its research laboratories of international repute and its pool of 4,000 students are a vital asset to the town and to local businesses. This high-performance university center was strengthened in 2008 by the arrival of the School of Organic and Mineral Chemistry (ESCOM). 

Here are some of their accomplishments :
- 750 engineer and masters’ degrees issued each year.
- 1.500 company placements per year.

"Multidisciplinary research that interacts with the economic world"

- Multidisciplinary training and technological research :Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Systems Engineering, Urban Systems Engineering, Process Engineering, Bioengineering.
- 9 research laboratories, including four units working closely together with the CNRS.


Parc technologique des rives de l’Oise

Rue les rives de l'Oise
Tél : 03 44 90 78 00


Université de Technologie de Compiègne

Ecole Supérieure de Chimie Organique et Minérale

Centre d’Etudes Techniques Maritimes et Fluviales (CETMEF)

Pôle de compétitivité Industrie et Agro Ressources

Pôle de compétitivité I-Trans

"Fields of excellence : Green Chemistry and Mechanical Systems"

Compiègne aims to strengthen its industrial activities by creating research and development partnerships with university laboratories.The area is also looking towards the sectors of the future :

  • Green chemistry and agricultural resources, through the dynamic partnership between the Industries Cluster and Agri-Resources (IAR). Additionally, with the ‘Institut d’Excellence P.I.V.E.R.T.’ (IEDD) Compiègne is well on its way to becoming a European centre of plant chemistry.
  • Advanced mechanical systems, especially in the transport sector, in closeInter-action with the UTC, the CETIM and the I-Trans cluster.

"A centre of innovation"

Opening mid-2014, this 4.500-m2 building, which will be dedicated to innovation, will foster collaborative projects between students, researchers and companies, and thus facilitate the transformation of ideas into innovative products or services.

"An offer specifically destined for young innovative companies"

‘Le Parc technologique des rives de l’Oise’, built by the ARC in Venette and spreading out over 8 hectares, houses young innovative companies. This site has developed quickly since its opening in 2008.Around twenty companies are now located there, and around a hundred highly-skilled jobs have been created. The park also counts on future developments related to plant chemistry.